Elm Dining Tables

If you are looking for a rustic yet modern dining table, you may want to consider an elm dining table. This type of wood has unique grain patterns and will fit in small spaces. It measures 42 by 54 inches and can be extended to 65 to 78 inches with leaves. In addition, it is available in reclaimed elm wood.
Reclaimed elm wood

If you’re looking for a table that looks and feels rustic and elegant, consider a reclaimed elm wood dining table. These tables feature a top made of reclaimed elm wood, with parquet pattern inlays accentuating the natural grain of the wood. The table also features stainless steel pedestals.

Reclaimed elm wood dining tables can add a medieval charm to your home. The sturdy carved form gives them an imposing, rustic appearance. They also have a natural rustic finish, allowing for unique variations in colour, grain pattern, and other wood characteristics. You’ll want to take special care of them, though, because the finish won’t be as smooth as new wood.
Unique grain pattern

Elm wood is known for its distinctive grain pattern and its ability to complement almost any style of furniture. Elm heartwood is a warm red-brown color with hints of tan, while the sapwood is near-off-white. The wood also has an interlocked grain pattern and heavy ring pattern.

The grain pattern of elm wood differs from wood from other types of trees. The wood is typically stained to bring out its characteristic grain pattern. This table measures 42 by 54 inches, and with leafs, can be extended to 65 to 78 inches.
chevron base

If you’re looking for a dining table with a chevron base, look no further than the West Elm chevron base table. The chevron design on the table’s base makes it a great choice for outdoor dining. The table seats up to four people, and the table comes in a variety of sizes.
Fits into smaller spaces

The West Elm collection of dining tables and chairs is a popular choice for the home, and there are many benefits to owning a piece from the brand. These benefits include white-glove delivery, free furniture customization, and free design guidance. West Elm even offers complimentary swatches of upholstery options.

The table is versatile and can fit into smaller spaces. It can also function as a standing table in most locations. The honed white marble tabletop is durable and should last for years, but it is important not to use harsh cleaning solutions on it. You can also opt for a concrete table top, which is both eye-catching and durable. However, you will need to apply a protective layer of wax every three to six months.
Easy to assemble

An easy to assemble elm dining table NZ is a great way to add a contemporary, rustic touch to your dining room. This piece features a solid Elm top and sits on two chrome pedestals. It also features a cross structure to keep it stable.

The West Elm dining table can be an expensive purchase, but it is worth the investment to get the look and style you want. The company is a great source of dining furniture and offers white-glove delivery and free design guidance. They even offer complimentary swatches of upholstery and can customize your order based on your taste.

Elm Dining tables have a high-end look and are surprisingly affordable. Elm is a soft wood with a warm tint and distinctive grain. You can buy a table in different sizes to accommodate different number of people. A 72″x36″ table is usually priced around $3950.

West Elm sells a variety of dining furniture in many styles and designs. Its furniture has a mid-century modern flair and is available in many colors and finishes. They also offer free design guidance and offer free swatches of fabrics for upholstered pieces.

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