Realistic Sex Dolls

Despite the stigma, there are many reasons to consider purchasing realistic sex dolls. Single men and women buy them, as do couples.

But how do those rubber nipples and fake boobs get made? Online video producer Super Deluxe took a tour of one such factory. The result is pretty NSFW.


A sex doll head can add to the overall realism of the doll. Some companies also offer the option to upgrade a base model with freckles, scars and internal heating systems to simulate body heat.

Most people who buy love dolls do so for a sexual release, but they are also popular with single men and women as well as couples. Some sex dolls are even used to help stave off loneliness in individuals with physical or mental disabilities.


A realistic sex doll can be made of silicone or body-safe TPE. The latter is more akin to the texture of human flesh, which can be more visually appealing. It has a soft consistency that is easy to pump and the boobs spread out and wiggle as they’re squeezed.

Dolls that are able to moan and talk have been flying off the shelves since the coronavirus pandemic began. They’re especially useful for couples who are worried about COVID-19 and may be a good way to keep sexual repression at bay.


Sex dolls require some maintenance to keep them looking and feeling their best. You should clean their orifices regularly and store them in a temperature-controlled room away from sunlight.

A love doll can help someone with a physical or mental disability feel closer to a sexual partner. They can also help a person with a fetish explore their sexual fantasies without fear of judgment or repercussions from their real-world partner.


The lips of a realistic sex doll feel amazingly soft and elastic. While there are sex toys that offer better technical blowjobs, the beauty of the lips and mouth in this doll make it a pleasure to engage in oral sex.

Sex dolls may be incredibly realistic, but they do not start out that way. This video from online production company Super Deluxe gives us a peek into the factory where these sex dolls are made.


Many manufacturers offer a wide variety of doll accessories to enhance the realism and the pleasure potential. These can include special paint jobs, freckles, scars, internal heating systems to simulate body heat, and even human hair implants for the head and eyebrows.

Some of the most popular add-ons for silicone sex dolls are hyper-realistic body painting, which is available from most manufacturers. Some brands also offer standing feet, clothing, and removable vaginas.


If you want your sex doll to look realistic and evoke sexual fantasies, consider buying one with implanted hair. It’s a labor-intensive process that can make a doll look very beautiful and realistic.

Some dolls come with wigs instead of hair implants. These dolls are generally TPE models since TPE can’t be transplanted and some people don’t want to pay the extra cost of a hair set. A wig is also easier to clean and maintain.


The eyebrows of a realistic sex doll can be sculpted to enhance the look. Some companies offer a variety of colors and a range of eye pigments to make the doll appear more authentic.

Today’s sex dolls are far from the plastic blow-up dolls of the past, with bodies made of body-safe silicone that is soft to the touch and easy to clean. Some can even be outfitted with breathing systems and heating systems to simulate natural body heat.


Adding eyelashes to your doll is an easy way to turn it into a sex goddess. You can purchase a pair of false eyelashes and apply them with lash glue. Before you get started, remove your doll’s head and place it on a work surface. Measure the lashes against your doll’s eyes and trim them if necessary.

You can also choose to add a heating system that simulates body heat and a breathing system. These upgrades cost extra.


No realistic sex doll is complete without a mouth. Some are designed with full, luscious lips for sucking and others with slender lips that glide along your shaft.

Some sex dolls are also designed with an oral tunnel for thrusting. It’s important to note that sex dolls aren’t self-lubricating, so always lube before playtime. You can even purchase lubricants that are specifically designed for use on sex dolls.

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